Department of Revenue Worker Charged with Loan Sharking

By: Kenric Ward | Posted: April 4, 2012 3:55 AM
Dorian Harper

Dorian Harper

A state Department of Revenue tax specialist has been arrested and charged with eight counts of loan sharking, reportedly using his office computer to track the transactions.

Dorian Harper is accused of assessing interest rates of more than 25 percent on loans made between Jan. 1, 2009, and Oct. 7, 2011. He was also charged with one count of making loans without a license, law-enforcement documents show.

Booked into Leon County Jail on March 27, Harper posted a $4,500 bond the next day.

Department of Revenue spokeswoman Renee Watters said in a statement:

"Mr. Harper has been sent a letter of proposed dismissal. Under the law he is entitled to a predetermination conference before final action is taken."

Watters said Harper's activities were uncovered "during a forensic review of his hard drive by the department's inspector general's office."

Asked whether any of Harper's co-workers were involved, she said DOR "continues to review appropriate action with respect to other employees involved in this matter."

The state attorney's office said details of the alleged loan-sharking operation -- including where the loan funds came from -- would not be available until next week.

Harper's arraignment is scheduled for April 19 in Leon County Circuit Court.

Dave Marsey, of the state attorney's office, said the charges against Harper are second-degree misdemeanors, punishable by up to 60 days in jail for each criminal count, plus court costs.

Sources close to the situation described Harper's operation as "a payday-advance business that was outed by members of [DOR's] information technology staff in the building.

"It is well-known that screen shots of computer screens are made and reviewed by DOR when any DOR employee accesses the Internet, in order to stop misuse of state facilities," said the source, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"It appears Dorian was not aware of this and that his viewing of stat sheets or information on loans made or payments received while he was updating or viewing that information was also being copied by the IT staff for review."

Watters said evidence was obtained through inspections of the hard drive on Harper's computer and that no screen shots were available.

Harper, a 12-year DOR employee who is paid $46,453 as a tax specialist, could not be reached.  

Last year, Sunshine State News reported that another DOR tax specialist had been convicted of felony fraud in Georgia.

Deon McCrimmon, hired on April 8, 2005, was found guilty in federal court of "defrauding and obtaining money by means of false and fraudulent pretenses" seven months earlier.

Convicted of concealing an unpaid $139,169 IRS bill and overstating her income when she applied for a home loan in Albany, Ga., McCrimmon continues to pay off a court-ordered fine.

To ensure payment, the federal government has slapped a lien on McCrimmon's current home in the Gadsden County town of Greensboro. The $24,775 lien is the exact amount she was ordered to pay in restitution for her Sept. 6, 2004, conviction.

McCrimmon was allowed to keep her $43,701-a-year job, but DOR, after an inspector general's investigation, said it has tightened its employment screening process.

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Comments (15)

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5:16AM JUN 7TH 2012
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Roger Shepnerd
8:40PM APR 25TH 2012
While I worked there Dorian was always in a contest with Charlie Fields for Deon MCCriminals affections and would hover around her like a love sick puppy, he would even come back after work and walk her to her car much to the horror of Charlie. Looks to me like ole DH was getting his money and his honey from the same source and cutting Charlie off from his honeypie.

Oh, well Charlie has an open field now
AC Doyle
10:34AM APR 7TH 2012
The highest levels in management of the Department of Revenue are responsible for the hiring of these two criminals and maybe more. These acts of gross mismanagement and pure stupidity are just the tip of the iceberg. These acts of moronic hiring and placing criminals in the highest levels of the Department of Revenue and point I point out specifically Lisa Vickers and Jim Evers, who have failed to protect the general public, voters and taxpayers from criminals in their department. Governor Scott and the Legislative branches ot the State of Florida should demand a high level investigation into the incompetence in hiring and promoting in the Department of Revenue.
8:44AM APR 7TH 2012
It's amazing how the media distort the truth and by indicating that Dorian Harper could not be reached. First of all the facts are not correct. 2nd of all the amount of money involved only amount to around $2,000 that was loan to some of the emloyees who are still working at DOR. Dorian's mistake involved preparing a payment agreement for a DOR employee on DOR's computer. The money loaned to those DOR employees came out of Dorian's bank account and not from the DOR.
Request the documents and read for yourself. Sometimes things are not always as they seem. What is DOR going to do to the employees making the loan requests to Dorian on the job. They know who they are.
So before you start criticizing someone get all of the facts first.
8:00PM APR 9TH 2012
Yes, Dorian was charged with nine counts with the percentages of 25-45%, reflected for each count. That doesn't mean he was actually charging those employees that percentages.

I am responding because I didn't know for sure if you were addressing my comment and or you think that I am someone named Deon. I am not Deon. My name is SedonaJ unlike many people who don't use their real names.

I always tell people that you should be aware of what you are saying and as well as what you post, because you never know who is watching and listening. There are numerous ways to track people online. So always remember that what is written in police reports can also be questionable, and besides, "Are you one of the employees Dorian loan money to?"
AC Doyle
2:36PM APR 10TH 2012

You nor I should ever fear discovery, in my case the email comes from Costa Rica our residence after her retirement from the Department of Revenue in 2009, I retired from the IRS in 2004. What is unknown to many is our daughter still is employed there. My wife and daughter both watched as DOR fell in status and statue with the outing of the first criminal a Ms. McCrimmon and now one Dorian Harper. These criminal employees are a disgrace to a once proud agency and reflect the inept and gross mismanagement of the Director Lisa Vickers and the GTA Program manager James Evers. Criminals can not work in direct contact with taxpayer's information without great repercussions from the voters, taxpayers and the governing bodies of the State of Florida. We hope the members of the Governors Office , House of Representatives and the Senate move to remove and replace these inept and poor examples of management of a state agency.

Dorian and Deon are criminals one tried, sentenced and convicted and the other awaiting justice. Spin it anyway you wish they have been outed as crooks that have taken advantage of others without regard for or respect for the citizens of Florida.
AC Doyle
10:56AM APR 8TH 2012
Dear Deon,

I missed these points in your last posting.
1. How did you obtain the total amount of the loans ??
2. So it wasn't a mistake being a "Loan Shark" to your fellow employees
3. How do you know where the money for the loans came from, maybe TPD should interview you it would seem.

My question now that you have part-time job at the correctional facility in Gretna are you going to terminate your employment before they fire you and if they do are you going to rat out the managers that helped you to not be fired when it was uncovered you were a federal criminal.

We really would like to know,so would Lisa and Jim.
11:34PM APR 14TH 2012
Is it permissable for a felon to teach at a prison?
AC Doyle
10:44AM APR 7TH 2012
Dear Deon,

Thank you for your input. I have obtained a copy of Dorian's arresst report, BTW you can get one for the Tallahassee Police Department Dorian was charged in nine counts of loan sharking not one and interest rates of over 25% , he ain't a borrowers "Good Buddy". It would still have been a crime no matter where he had dprepared the paperwork. He is a criminal no matter how you spin the truth and just so you know it is not a crime to ask or receive a loan from a private individual in the State of Florida. I like it how a friend and lover stands up for her criminal buddies.
Robert Lloyd
4:08PM APR 6TH 2012
Big government at its best! But I love the comments on how 'they' would clean all this up. Government is a crime in and of itself.
John S.
4:28PM APR 5TH 2012
Good to know where our tax dollars are going and that state employees have top notch managers and supervisors watching their work.
11:47PM APR 14TH 2012
Where was his supervisor all these months? Don't they monitor the calls and screenshots? Demoted twice for harassment charges-slept on the job most of the day-switched answering each other's phones while taking hour breaks with his bro Jonathan! And WHAT is Deon still doing there? I guess being cruel is not a crime.
2:43PM APR 5TH 2012
Congratulations to the Department of Revenue. This another one of Frank Medhue's outstanding hires. Just like the last person that was charged with a federal crime Deon McCrimmon still works with our taxpayer funds, I know I feel comfortable.. Mrs. Vickers and Jim Evers need to get away from the 'Good Ole Boy' way of doing business and clean house. But then with Governor Scott in office who cares anyway, his head's in the sand.
AC Doyle
10:09AM APR 4TH 2012
How interesting this criminal was caught using state equipment for a "Loan Sharking Operation" while working on state time while supposedly assigned and working for and with another convicted criminal MANAGER (Deon McCrimmon) on a special project. You might want to ask Lisa Vickers and Jim Evers why they just sat around on their dead butts an let this criminal run his business right under their noses. TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE AT DOR IMHO.

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