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Why African-Americans in Florida Should Never Vote for Patrick Murphy

May 24, 2015 - 6:00pm

... Or any other Republican-lites the Florida Democratic Party tries to shove down our throats.

Nothing sums up the reason we should never vote for Patrick Murphy better than a comment I found on the liberal blog, The Florida Squeeze.

"this angry black woman candidate cannot win moderate white votes. It is just a reality of our great state of Florida."

Now, the person didnt mention positions on the issues. The only thing this commenter mentioned was that same tired, old stereotype that is thrown at all black women when we dare to stand up and speak out.

The commenter was referring to Pam Keith, the African-American woman who is running for U. S. Senate. The same African-American woman who was told by Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant not to bother to run. Read the article yourself here.

But more important, read the comments.

Read how some of your fellow Democrats feel.

Pam Keith is not an angry black woman by any stretch of the imagination. She is very pleasant and more than qualified for the seat for which she is running. She is a very well-spoken attorney who happens to also be a veteran. She happens to understand the issues and is willing to fight for the Democratic platform, unlike Patrick Murphy, who prides himself on voting with Republicans. She is willing to stand up for members of our community who are being gunned down in the streets, unlike Patrick Murphy, who looked the other way when children of color who were canvassing for him were accosted by police.

I, on the other hand, am an angry black woman. Im angry that the Florida Democratic Party leaders see black people as nothing more than votes during election cycles. Im angry that the party that is supposed to be about equality, isnt equal at all when it comes to our community. Im angry that Im supposed to vote for the Patrick Murphys of the party, when those same people will never vote for someone who looks like me.

That is what Allison Tant is trying to sell you. I hope you are not buying it.

In this day of police violence toward our community, you will never hear Patrick Murphy stand up for you. He will never speak out. Why? Because hed rather ignore the African-American community than [upset] some racist white Democrats. He doesnt care about black people being gunned down by police.

Even Hillary Clinton had something to say about the way black men are being killed by those who have sworn to serve and protect.

Wake up black people!

We do not have to look to the Republican Party to find racists. They are right here in our very own party.

As long as certain Democrats have this plantation mentality, how can you vote for them? Does letting them scare you into believing that because you will have it worse with Republicans, mean you should take the bull they dish out, too?

How about not taking bull from anyone?

Our black men are being shot dead in the streets with impunity. Our black women are being killed without ever getting so much as a mention in the press.

Is this OK with you?

It is not OK with me. It never has been, and it never will be.

It should not be OK with the people you elect to public office.

You are being told that you have to bend over so that the racist part of the Florida Democratic Party can continue to ride your back.

You see, they can never win without us, but you wouldnt know it by the way we are treated within the party. Party leaders do not want the African-American community to realize the political power we have. Some of us may not have millions to throw around, but we have something more important than money.

We have our vote and we need to stop giving it away and being treated as if we dont matter.

Stand up.

Stand up for yourselves. Stand up for your children. Stand up for what is right.

The Florida Democratic Black Caucus is no help. That organization is so shackled, it should be called Kunta Kinte Inc.

If someone will never vote for you, why in the name of all that is holy should you vote for them?

Fear? Fear of what?

We can never, ever have it as badly as we did during slavery, so how can anything short of that scare you into stepping and fetching?

I understand why Allison Tant doesnt want the Democratic African-American Women Caucus to exist. She cant control black women as easily as she seems to control some black men in the Florida Democratic Party.

She certainly cant control me.

She has given a few black men some totally powerless positions, and had the audacity to stand before Kunta Kinte Inc. ... oh wait, I mean the Democratic Black Caucus ... and pat herself on the back.

The Democratic Black Caucus that has been ordered not to allow Pam Keith to speak this coming weekend.

God forbid the Democratic Black Caucus does what it is supposed to do: promote black issues and black candidates. Oh no, cant have that.

Its OK, though. Florida does have a Democratic African-American organization that is unbought and unbossed.

The Democratic African-American Women Caucus.

You know, that organization that was ordered to shut down by the Florida Democratic Party. Same organization that told the FDP to kiss where the sun dont shine. That organization that is still here despite the cowardly attempts of sabotage by FDP leaders.

That organization that hasnt forgotten Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, and countless others who lost their lives so that our backs dont have to be permanently bent.

You might want to check us out.

We dont put our members on the auction block.

Leslie Wimes is president and founder ofWomen on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow her on social media for all exciting things concerning these two organizations.

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