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Why Nan Rich Supporters Will Never Support Charlie Crist

August 27, 2014 - 6:00pm

Tuesday night Charlie-Come-Lately Crist won the Democratic nomination for governor of Florida.

While the voter turnout was low, he still won. Nan Rich, the only true Democrat in the race, was the only hope for progressives who still believe in what being a Democrat is supposed to mean.

Now, with the nomination of Crisco Crist, we see what it means in Florida.


A big fat zero.

Do Florida Democrats have any reason to vote in November? Some say no.

I have been inundated with calls from Democrats who say they will not vote for Crist in November.

To the media, who cruelly and carelessly trashed Nan Richs numbers last night, remember this fact: in order for Crist to win in November, he needs us.

While that number couldnt give Nan Rich the nomination, it certainly can stop Charlie Crist from becoming governor again.

Now lets talk about unity. Nan Rich has been asked to participate in uniting the party.

Being the classy woman she is, of course she will make an appearance. Trust and believe, it is going to take a lot more than Nan Rich to repair the Grand Canyon-sized hole that currently exists in the Florida Democratic Party.

Nan Rich may forgive, but a great number of her supporters will not.

Nor will they support Charlie Crist.

In the not-too-distant past, Charlie Crist wouldnt acknowledge the fact that Nan Rich was in the race, let alone share a stage with her. Now that he needs her supporters, he wants this unity tour?

Sorry Charlie, we arent buying it. You had no time for debates, issues, or Nan Rich. Now, we have no time for you.

Leslie Wimes is a registered nurse who was working in cardiovascular intensive care until she decided to form"Women On The Move,"a South Florida-based networking group that promotes positivity in professional and personal areas. Her website of the same name and progressive but independent columns have thousands of readers not only in Florida but across the nation. This column is reprinted from the site with the author's permission.

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