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No, I Don’t Work For Scott, But I Don’t Step And Fetch For Crist, Either!

July 24, 2014 - 6:00pm

Apparently, if you speak out about things in the Florida Democratic Party, you have to be working for Rick Scott, or some other Republican group.

You cant possiblybe a black woman with an opinion that differs from the party line. If you arent one of those go along to get along black Democrats, something is terribly wrong.

I guess I didnt get that memo, and if I had, Id use it like toilet paper!

I recently did an interview with a national media outlet regarding the governors race here in Florida. The reporter was interested in my perspective on the race as it pertains to the African-American community. Of course, I gave it. Ive never been one who is shy, unwilling, or afraid to express myself. Thats just not me.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, Im going to let you know how I feel.

A few days after speaking to the reporter, she contacted me again, because someone told her that I was working for the Rick Scott campaign, affiliated with Progressive Choice, and working for Sunshine State News!

Let me be really clear. I dont work for any political campaign, candidate, or party. Unlike some in our community, I genuinely care about what is happening and how we are treated by our own party. Sunshine State News, just like any other online publication, is welcome to publish my pieces that appear here first anytime theyd like. Helps to get my message out.

Im not in it for favors, money, or getting my name up in lights. Im in it because it is the right thing to do.

Unlike some of the African-American leaders in the Democratic Party, Im not willing to look the other way when it comes to Charlie Crists record. Im not willing to ask how high when party leaders such as Allison Tant, Annette Taddeo, Scott Arceneaux, and the rest of them say jump.

What is really sad to me is the fact that some of these so-called black leaders will say in private what they really think about Charlie Crist, but in public they are skinning and grinning in hopes of getting some crumb he might throw their way.

To other African-Americans, they try to justify this behavior by saying that they are trying to get money to make things better in our community, and it's just a game they are playing.

Lets see. For a lot of them, they have been stepping and fetching for quite some time now, and things still havent gotten better in our community.

My question then becomes, who are they doing this song and dance to make things better for? The community? Or themselves?

Exactly how much have they been promised to deliver the votes of the very community that they claim they want to help?

Yes, Mr. Charlie How can I help you, Mr. Charlie?.

That is pathetic.

What I really want to know is exactly what is the dollar figure that some of these black leaders have been offered to sell out the community? What is the going price to stand behind a man who in private, you will admit is just an empty suit?

The justification that the Florida Democratic Party leaders have given is, we have to get Rick Scott out. Charlie Crist can win. Charlie is the lesser of two evils.

The lesser of two evils is still evil. Isnt it?

Charlie Crist is loving the way he is making these elected officials and party leaders jump. Simply loving it. He can ignore debates, he can say he will alienate voters, he can not show up at caucuses, he can brag about being called Chain-Gang Charlie.

Only a small number of leaders are willing to stand up and say this isnt right. Maybe two or three of that small number are African-American.

I gave the person who told the reporter the opportunity to say that I work for Rick Scott to her again, with me on the phone line, this time.

As expected, he declined. That is what lying cowards do. By the way, you know who you are, and I know who you are.

You see, I am woman enough to say what I think in public, to any and everyone. I am willing to stand by what I believe even if it isnt what the party leaders want to hear. I dont need anyone to stand beside me when I am doing what I feel is right.

And I certainly dont step and fetch for Charlie Crist, or anybody else.

I wont stop my public criticisms of Charlie Crist, no matter how many times someone says I work for Rick Scott, or that Im hurting the party.

I look at African-American communities and see them hurting every day, and our party, the Democrats, doesnt give a rats ass except at election time, and even then, they dont care.

They just want votes.

Leslie Wimes is a registered nurse who was working in cardiovascular intensive care until she decided to form"Women On The Move,"a South Florida-based networking group that promotes positivity in professional and personal areas. Her website of the same name and progressive but independent columns have thousands of readers not only in Florida but across the nation. This column is reprinted from the site with the author's permission.

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